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Kryptonite Kustomz is taking Custom Car and Truck Wraps to a whole new level.  Specializing in high impact, eye catching wraps for everything from Race Cars and Team Support Vehicles, Personal Vehicles looking for that added touch of personalization, and Business Vehicles looking to get the most out of their advertising budget by turning any vehicle into a Rolling Billboard.  Let the creative team at Kryptonite Kustomz work with you on a design that incorporates your ideas and style into a wrap that tells everyone on the streets of Broken Arrow, Tulsa, Bixby, Jenks, and beyond exactly who and what you're all about.
Whether it's a custom design, or a solid color wrap, we are able to transform your vehicle and create the custom look you desire.  Ranging in finishes from the highest gloss, the flattest matte, metallics, textures, and even chrome, we can create a vehicle that stands out in the sea of cars on the road.  And the best part, when you are ready to change the wrap, or get a new vehicle, we can return the vehicle back to it's factory painted color, in most cases in just a few hours!  Have a look at our "WRAPS" gallery page to see some of the exciting vehicles we have done!


Professionalism is what we are all about.  We want to give each and every vehicle the personal touch it takes to make you, our customer, happy with the wrap you receive.  Today's business world is competitive, and a matching fleet of vehicles to display your advertising will give you and your company the added confidence and credibility to gain more business.  Your new vehicle wrap will transform your vehicles into a 24 hour a day, go where you go, eye catching billboard.  Vehicle Wraps create a lasting impression for your potential customers, allowing you to display your services, on site where you are performing your work.
Kryptonite Kustomz invested in the best equipment to produce your vehicle wrap, so you can rest assured your wrap will look great for years to come.  Phone book ads, TV/radio commercials, they cannot stand up to the cost per impression that a vehicle wrap can deliver.  Also, a vehicle wrap does not expire, the viewer cannot change the channel; wraps are bold, bright and interesting.  If you have any questions about wraps, or the wrap process, visit our "FAQ" page, or contact us.
Christopher passed away March 24, 2007, after fighting an extremely rare bone disease. It was a few days before his 21st birthday. He led a normal life as a child. We discovered when he was 12 that his spine and ribs were dissolving. Rods were implanted to hold him together. When he was 17 the rods fractured and his spine collapsed causing a stroke in his brain stem. He was a ventilator dependant quadriplegic.
Through the years the joys in his life had been taken away. For the past four years he was not able to speak or eat solid food.  Lip reading was the only means of communication.  He was a quadriplegic from the chin down. He was ventilator dependant. The only thing he had left was his mind and spirit. It is difficult to imagine being trapped in a shell with no true way to express yourself.  
Christopher was a very strong willed young man. Quitting just wasn't an option to him. Each time something was taken from him he would say "this is just my life now". He felt like he was here for a reason and that he had a contribution to make.  He was an enormous source of strength for us.  How could we give up the fight if he was willing to endure his life without a single complaint?
Christopher was an incredibly bright and spirited person with dreams and goals. Our relationship was beyond parents and son. We will never understand why he lived a difficult short life.
Please remember that lessons in life can be learned from our children.
Christopher said, "I didn't ask to be an inspiration...I just want to be normal and be treated like everyone else."

Our Son, Our Strength.


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